Launch Strategy

+ Mentorship

The 3-month mentorship program for womxn lead coaching & other service-based businesses who want to get their business ready to launch in front of their Ideal Clients & start hitting

$5k + per month.



ready to level up your launch game?

So… You’re planning on launching something. Maybe it’s a brand new business. Maybe it’s a new product. Maybe it’s a podcast.


Whatever you’re launching, there’s a framework to get it right. I’m all about launching with a bang.


I’m talking big fireworks, not little sparklers.

And I have the exact steps to help you launch anything, anywhere, at any time

imagine if ...

 You’re entirely confident in the foundation and strategy created for your business!

Now picture yourself no longer spending money taking shots in the dark on things that may or may not work.


Now, you’re walking through that wall you thought you’d hit and into a steady stream of clients that you love (and who love you back) plus you now have the financial freedom to try some new things & the creative freedom to take your business forward!


This Launch Strategy + Mentorship Program has been designed to support you in the initial stages of your launch, whether you are just getting started in your entrepreneurial journey, looking to pivot in your business, or want to add a new stream of income to your existing business.

what to expect

Having the unerring support of a professional digital product launch strategist who always has your back. 

Feeling challenged and supported to work through the mindset struggles holding your launches back from brilliance. 

Having access to a launch specialist that has been where you are and has the knowledge, resources, and expertise to take you to where you want to go. 

the person


the program

When I was starting out as a service provider, I was all over the place! I wanted to do everything for anyone and everyone I could, needless to say, that didn't work out in my favor. 

I was offering new services, every single day! Whatever my "potential client" needed but all I was heard was crickets. 

It wasn't until I took a step back to work on the building blocks of my business, set a clear vision for me and my business, I started attracting the right people for my business, and making a steady stream of income. 

The journey wasn't obviously as simple as it sounds, but I want to share my tried and tested framework with you.

If you want to know what that would look like in your business, let's hop on a Zoom call and talk! Ooh and don't forget to bring your favorite beverage with you!

Hi, I'm Sushmita,

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what's inside

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client stories

Maggie A.


" I think Sushmita is a fantastic mentor. She has given me a crazy amount of great advice and tools I can use now to implement in my business. She adapts to you and your needs. She always gave me amazing tips to make my work easier and more streamlined."

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this program is perfect for you if ...

  • Looking to launch your online business, new coaching program, digital product, service offer, or podcast.

  • Even if you don't a huge audience or your exact offer mapped out. 

  • Need to map out exactly what to offer to your potential clients to provide them with massive value.

  • Need help with building a kick-ass content strategy for your online business to reach the people you can help with your business.

  • Need someone to hold you accountable at each step to make sure you are focusing on the needle movers in your business and not running after shiny objects. 

  • Need help to build a rock-solid foundation for your business so that you can show up & talk about your business with confidence. 

client stories

"Sushmita is awesome! 🤩🤩🤩 She is amazing and is very helpful with all the points I ask and suggesting! I love every coaching call and I love the call summary so much and actions to hold me accountable every week! "

Honey S.


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how does the mentorship program work?

A 90-min Strategy & Goal Setting Session

  • We will kick off the mentorship program by hopping on a zoom call and we will deep dive into your business & current marketing strategy.

  • We'll talk about the ins & outs of your business, potential pitfalls to basically review all the areas where your business needs help the most and map out a strategy to help you build an impactful business while making bank in the process. 

  • You will get call recording and notes from the call. 

11 x 60-min 1:1 Coaching Calls

  • Every week we will deep dive into different segments of your marketing strategy.

  • We will also assess all the needle-moving steps you take in your business every week, plan exact steps for the week ahead.

  • During this call, I will also be answering all your questions, give feedback if required, and hold you accountable to make sure you don't slack! 

Unlimited support during the week (M-F)

  • In between our calls, we will stay in touch via WhatsApp where you can ask me all the questions, get feedback, ask for your next steps & more.

  • You will have my unwavering support during our 3 months of working together.


Access to our resources, for free (!!)

  • You'll have access to all our templates,  resources that we use to run our business & the digital products or courses we launch during our time of working together, for free!