Running a business in the online space can be hard especially if you do not have the right tool to help you run smoothly.

Our Top Picks

At Catapult Marketing House, we have grown to understand how hard it can get for us to share tasks and communicate effectively miles apart to make sure the business runs smoothly.

We have learned as we grow that having the right tools is a huge determinant in having a successful business. These tools allow us to have a task running in time, our meetings scheduled and reminders sent so we do not forget or skip important meetings, and having all our business data securely stored in one place.


Every business needs tools to make work easier, and the best part is most of these tools have a free version so you can always test several to see what works best for your business.


Here are the tools we use in our business and what they do to make our work easier:



We use Canva to create presentations, media graphics for all our social media pages, documents, and anything we would like to represent visually.

Canva is our favourite because it is easy to use & has pre-made templates for pretty much everything you’d like.

Canva also gives us the option to upload and edit our own images, a real lifesaver!

Canva offers both free and paid versions, both are awesome it just depends on what you want to do with Canva.




This tool allows our customers to book appointments with us.


It even shows them available slots so we don’t have two customers booked at the same time. It sends reminders of your appointments and allows you to cancel or reschedule appointments with ease.


You can use Acquity for your personal use if you do not have a business, which makes work easier.

Acquity has been rated with over 4.5 in both customer care and ease of use.


It allows you a free trial and if you love it, it’s cheap with plans from $15/month.



We use Convertkit for all our email marketing and campaigns.

It allows us to monitor our subscriptions, sign ups and offers.

Converkit allows us to categorise our subscribers according to which of our services they like thus helps us to make specific campaigns tailored to a each category of subscribers.

This is the best thing that happened to our email marketing. 


The autoresponders feature is our personal favorite!

The statistics from them are as real as they get as they do not allow duplicate subscribers so we’re sure of the number of our subscribers.

Convertkit has a free version that allows you to up to 1000 subscribers, the interface is easy to use and the give a free landing page so you’ve somewhere to send your subscribers if you do not have a website.





Click up is an all-in-one project/business management tool.


We use click up to bring together all our team members categorizing them per department and even further per task.

This breakdown allows us to run our business without confusion as each team member knows what they are supposed to do and when.

Members of the team working on the same task are each able to update their progress so the other can see. This allows processes to run smoothly.

If for example, I’m writing a blog and some else will be proofreading the same, I’m able to attach a draft for them and update that so they know it is time for them to do the proofreading.

All the other team members can see this as well.


ClickUp has free and paid plans and they are all awesome check them out.





More often than not we find ourselves with questions that we’d love for our customers to answer.

Typeform is our go-to as it allows us to make interactive forms that allow you guys to answer our questions with ease.


It allows us to collect data on our services and that’s why we’re continually improving and offering the best as we grow.


Typeform has inbuilt templates that allow you to just edit but if you don’t like them you can build your own with ease as there is no coding involved.


Once you’re done with the form creation it allows you to share it on your website, email, or just the link.

Typeform has paid plans starting from $35/month.

Check them out and see what best fits for you.


All of our Facebook and Instagram posts are scheduled on the creator studio.

This platform allows us to create content that will be posted later on our social media pages. Creator studio allows us to plan ahead and saves us time to work on other parts of our business.


We’re able to track our insights and messages all in one place.

Creator studio is free and you can use it even on your mobile apps.



Gsuite allows us to securely store all our data in one place so that it is easily accessible. G-suit  stores data from emails, calendars, documents, sheets slides, hangouts, all our sites and groups.


It makes work easier by making sure all our important data in one place.


Unfortunately Gsuite has no free version, but not to worry the plans are affordable with the basic plan going for $6/month and allows you up to 30GB of storage.


Business and enterprise plans go for $12 and $25 per month respectively. Be sure to check the best fit for your business.

*If you buy something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission.*

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